A female figure hangs on a rope from the ceiling. This is tensioned or released by a god-like, invisible figure. Depending on the radius the performer has to find new ways to fight against the tension of the chain, to dance with it or to establish a kind of communication with the audience.

In an almost meditative dance of energy, light and sound we explore the abysses and highlights of a being that is in its existence confronted again and again with the same conflicts.

Working in creative symbiosis of movement and spatial tracking technology FLOATING is a sensory response to the disoriented, self-damped cry of the modern "free" human being.

In collaboration with

Katia Giovo
Laura Cancellieri
Marco Cancellieri
Tom Sammons
Turi Agostino
Alexander Windner Lieberman
Tania Giovo
Jakob Reinhardt
Tony Pratsch
Marco Müller
Annalena Schumacher
Jules Le Goff